Title and Abstract

Investigation of the Shape of Aerofoil on its Lift

Celine Chong, Tan Sian Yin, Elise Teo
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


Airfoils are a part of the wing that produces lift. We wanted to find out how those the shape of the airfoil affects the lift. We made airfoils with different shapes to test out. In order to test them out, we build a mechanism that allows us to find the lift of the airfoil using a pivot. We also used a USB fan to provide wind. Our results indicated that in general, deep camber airfoils produce higher lift. This investigation allows us to better understand about air transportations because the shape of the wing of which is the airfoil affects the lift of the plane, which in turn affects its ability to take off, and transport people and goods all over the world.

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